Frequently Asked Questions

Do àtable! products contain allergens?

All food processing companies must comply with current food allergen labelling regulations. Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have issued clear guidelines on how to declare the presence of food allergens. All priority food allergens must be declared either in the list of ingredients or in a statement that begins with “Contains: …” on their labels. The list of these allergens appears on the Health Canada website at:

The allergens contained in àtable! products are listed on the product labels. To meet our clients’ needs and in the aim of providing high-quality products, note that our pot pies, soups, salads and baked beans are constantly changing. Therefore, we recommend that you check for the presence of allergens each time you buy a product. Our products are selected according to the quality standards for imported foods, to which we add our own requirements. In fact, although the food industry establishes quality standards for imported foods, not only does Chef LELARGE meet those standards, we make a point of surpassing them.